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We are glad to invite you to invest in Poznan.
In 1992 Poznan was recognized by the weekly magazine "Wirtschafts Woche" as one of the most attractive East European cities for investors. The capital city of Wielkopolska was the fifth among 150 East European cities.
In 2001 Market Economy Research Institute published an investment report which proved that Poznan is the second after Warsaw most investor-friendly city in Poland. In 2002 the Foundation for The Local Democracy Development and the Investors Conference rewarded Poznan with the title: "Professional Investor-Friendly Commune".

The most important advantages of Poznan are: good location, the profits of the economic transformation, thriving local market, appropriate technical infrastructure, favourable social attitude towards new investments. The inhabitants of Poznan are famous for their enterprise which results in the lowest unemployment rate in Poland equal to 5.2 % in 2001.
At the beginning of 2001 the independent rating agency Moody's Investors Service granted Poznan Baa1 grade, which means that the city is highly credit-capable. According to the agency it is the highest grade which can be granted to a Polish city. Poznan is also the significant financial centre as it is the siege of 40 banks and many insurance companies. Apart from that the capital city of Wielkopolska is a well-known academic centre with the constantly increasing number of students equal to 120 thousands.

Taking all the above into consideration the investors are eager to invest their money in the local market. The total sum invested by the foreign investors in the years 1991-2001 was equal to 2.800 USD. In Poland, Poznan has one of the biggest number of the companies with the foreign capital. The capital city of Wielkopolska is the second city after Warsaw with the highest density of foreign companies. Among the investors from more than 50 countries the most important are: GlaxoSmithKline, Alcatel, Nestle, Unilever-Bestfoods, Exide, Wrigley, Bridgestone-Firestone, Volkswagen, Metro, Pernod Ricard, SAB.

We are looking forward to cooperating with you.
Wojciech Prochowski
licensed estate agent

the member of the Polish Real Estate Federation "PRFN"

the member of the Poznan Association
of Dealers and
Promoters of Real
Estate Market "PSP"

the member of the
first Polish data base "InfoDOM"

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