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"Polonus" Real Estate Agency was set up in June 1992. The Agency is seated in Poznan on Steszewska 14 Street.

Wojciech Prochowski, the owner of the Agency, is a licensed estate agent and the founder and the member of the Poznan Association of Dealers and Promoters of Real Estate Market which belongs to the Polish Real Estate Federation. In 1995 Wojciech Prochowski was the originator of the first Polish internet data base "InfoDOM" commonly known as "MLS". Wojciech Prochowski's professional career includes among other things: a few years of practice in Germany, participation in the real estate fairs in Cannes and Munich, business activities in Israel and many more. All this resulted in signing interesting contracts. The foreign businessmen are the majority of our clients this is why "Polonus" offer is mostly aimed at foreigners.
More than ten years of operating the Agency on the real estate market guarantee the professional service in the following areas:
  • the search of investment grounds
  • real estate agency
  • real estate management
  • real estate expertise
  • introducing and developing of investor projects
  • assistance at filling motions for administrative decisions

The great knowledge of the obligatory administrative procedures, careful observation of quickly chancing regulations helps in finding the appropriate offers, evaluation of their legal status and effective obtaining of the administrative decisions. The most common cases includes:

  • returning of the properties belonging to the foreigners from The Treasury
  • development conditions
  • development permits
  • permits for purchasing properties by the foreigners and many more

It is worth emphasising that only the definite administrative decisions minimize the financial risk of investing.

Our Agency specialises also in:

  • execution of the investment projects
  • matching potential business partners in order to make mutual profits
  • assistance at finding financial support

Our whole activity is secured by the insurance company "WARTA".
We speak English and German.
Confidentiality guaranteed.
We are glad to invite you to cooperate with us.

   Wojciech Prochowski
   licensed agent

the member of the Polish Real Estate Federation "PRFN"

the member of the Poznan Association
of Dealers and
Promoters of Real
Estate Market "PSP"

the member of the
first Polish data base "InfoDOM"

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